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X-Posted from my journal [Posted on the 21st of April, 2009 at 09:58 pm]


[Current Mood |accomplished]

Omnifray was my Saturday game. Very nice system, I'm sure, but damn, if it isn't complex. To hit someone, take their defence and your attack values, and compare them. Take the difference between them and this will give you a value on a table that is the percentage you need to roll under to hit. If you miss, reverse the tens and ones, and see if that hits. If it does, that's a slight hit. If you hit, reverse the dice and see if that hits. If only the initial roll hits, you get a solid hit. If both the initial and reverse hit, you get a critical hit.

Then you compare weapon strength vs target toughness on the same table as the attacks. That gives you the max percentage damage you can do. If you got a slight hit, you get the a third of the max percentage damage. If you got a solid hit, you get two thirds, and if you crit, you get all of it.

Then look on another table to see what you roll for your "initiative", even if it's not called that. I had to roll D12+14. This is the number of combat segments till you act again.

Compare this to D&D, where you add up your bonuses, which are gerenally written on the sheet. Roll the D20, and add it up. Compare against target AC, and if it's more you hit. If you roll within your crit range, roll again to see if you crit, and if you confirm you do extra damage. Roll damage.

Initiative is a single roll at the start of combat.

So I wasn't struck by the system of Omniflay. This kinda tarnished the game for me. It wasn't helped by the GM denying me some chances to roleplay. My character was a lord and had asked a bunch of people to join him to do a favour for a friend of his. As part of this, they'd been given some parchments with writing on it. My character, despite being a noble, couldn't read. This was fine, and I had ways planned out in my mind that I could get around this and fake it.

Problem was, the GM (as an NPC) straight out told everyone that I couldn't read. So I had a prime chance for character development cut off before I could do anything with it. And there were several occaisions where the GM, subconsciously I think, tried to steer us by deciding what our characters did.

To be fair, we did circumvent half the plot by hearing about the old well drying up from the first person we spoke to and going straight there, rather than talking to anyone else. Which meant we found the pagan cult really quickly, and skipped an hour of plot.

Not that it wasn't a fun game, but it was a harder job to play it than I normally like. Especially when we got to play other characters for a moment, and one of us played the dragon that was killing three druids, and three others got to play the druids. We died horribly, but that's not the point.

Overall, not a great system, and a fun, if uninspiring, game.

That evening, there was the Crystal Vague. Big Bad John got things kicked off by starting to tell us about it, and then standing still for a few seconds, as if dizzy, and then faceplanting. WE were all shocked until the arrival of Dr Nick (Hi Dr Nick!). Turns out, BBJ had been MURDERED, and one of the Crystal Vague challenges was to work out who it was. Also a scavenger hunt that had five of us running around manchester looking for a zebra crossing (recreating a famous album cover - Abbey road,as it turned out). Lots of fun, and I put too much energy into it, which led to me trying to sculpt a toothbrush out of chocolate(don't ask).

Made a flag out of Lego, for much points. Took a photo of one of the raffle prizes for a map of somewhreer that doesn't exist, for much points. Bribed the organisers to tall us about the one sided shape, for much points. Got very tired, but was still trying to work out puzzles. Much fun.

Next day was WFRP. No need to go on about that, as it's a nice system and people already know it. Got to slap a man in the face and call him a scoundrel for not upholding the duty he'd been left by his uncle. This was after another player had fleeced him at cards and won his hat.

Beat up on some dwarves, and some other drawves, and a giant mole thing, and a huge worm thing.
Found a secret dwarven hold and some giant stone dwarves, and asked them not to hurt us. Well, the dwarf in the party did, and they actually listened.

Which was nice.

We didn't get through it all, but that's Sunday timing for you.

The awards ceremony was fun and lots of people won stuff. I won first place in Fantasy (thank you GMs), and have a nice banner with dragons and a unicorn on it. I wasn't the only sheffield winner, though.Sheffield had split into 3 teams so we wouldn't win. The roleplayers got a decent score, but we'd split into two teams so we wouldn't win. We didn't. The winners had 54 points.

Wargames got 53 by themselves. And their bloodbowl player had a realy bad day, so we could have won really easily. It was terrifying.

Also, getting a banner home is harder than you might think...

There was a game in Horror at the Nats, run most ably by a man named Tim, that was an adaptation of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", which inspired me. So at some point, I'll be running a game that will be Willy Wonka meets Aperture Science meets Warhammer 40k...

Anyway, must get on.

Novawulfen out...